Teatro Caribe

Project Teatro Art Collection is a trip into a photography world, which is a cocktail of fantasy, love and drama, all that mixed with the caribbean spririt and beauty of The Riviera Maya (Yucatan, Mexico). The photos were taken during Roman´s stay in the area between 2010 and 2012.

Photography: Roman Sluka
Make-up : Vilda Persy, Elis Chabeau, Tania Tagle
Styling : Libuse Rehakova, Yvonne Mullerova, Tania Tagle
Models : Libuse Rehakova, Olga Lounova, Yvonne Mullerova, Lucie Medova,
               Miroslava Lounova, Elis Chabeau, Tania Tagle, Charlie, Jan Jaros, Roman Sluka
Postproduction : Vladena Fleissigova – Thalia Picta Prague